CT Website Design


That's right! We will build you a free website! There are 3 ways to qualify for a free site:

1. Non-profit. We donate several sites to non-profit organizations a year. If you're a non-profit organization, please contact us here to see if you qualify for a free site!

2. High-traffic, high-publicity sites. If your websites gets (will get) a high amount of traffic, we will consider building or re-desiging your site for free. Of course this is in exchange for letting your visitors know that Lab860 has built your website. For example: a brand new movie is coming out, its going to be a blockbuster - the site will be promoted all over the nation... we will build it for free because we understand that a portion of the traffic will be interested in who built this great website, and may lead to more clients for Lab860.


3. Sponsorship / Publicity. If you are promoting your newly built site or business, and let everyone know that Lab860 has built your great website, we will build it for free. For example: a radio station asks us to build their site - we will do it for free, in exchange for radio time where the DJ lets the listeners know that Lab860 built their site! Another example is that you’re advertising your company on a billboard, side of the bus, or have a similar type of large sized poster/banner - and you include our company logo and website on that banner/poster - we will build your site for free.

These three methods of getting a free site is strictly at the discretion of Lab860. Please contact us here if you believe you qualify.